Current Location: Brooklyn, New York

Phone: 757.839.5523


I left an exciting career sailing schooners in 2004 to start taking pictures and I began by studying at the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, Va.  I spent a year there photographing the people and stories of Tidewater Community College  as part of a book project, "Acts of Optimism", which was published in 2007.  You can see some of my pictures and the great site that was created for the book here: Acts Of Optimism.  It was an incredible experience that I was lucky to be a part of and it sparked my love for photojournalism.

In 2006, I started school at the University of Missouri and I graduated from the journalism school in 2010.  In 2009, I spent six months (Jun. '09 to Dec. '09) in Ecuador and Bolivia working on two stories: one about a religious pilgrimage and the other about land reform in  Bolivia. After returning to the U.S. to finish school, in 2010, Stephen Katz, Jennifer Ditona and I started a community-based photo project in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia that we call Shoot For Good. Our idea is to share the values of photojournalism with our community and show them that anyone can document their life. We want to show people that it doesn't take special training—just an open heart. So far we have held two Shoot For Good days and there are more great things in the mix.

Although I got a late start, I fell for photography quickly. It's taken me to a lot of places, but even more importantly, introduced me to a lot of new people. I love everything about photography and hope that you enjoy my pictures. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. These are pictures I'm proud of and stories I want to tell.